AfterMath: Last Man Standing
Friday, July 24, 2015

Mr. Chainsaw Pro Wrestling invaded the Kalkaska County for the 6th installment of AfterMath, this year titled "Last Man Standing"!
The event kicked off with MCPW fan-favorite Mr. Nifty taking on "Beefcake" Jayden Andrews. The crowd was fully behind Nifty for this one, as he pinned Beefcake and went home to Niftyville with a victor under his belt.

Up next, the "Revolutionary Reverend" Christopher Saint went one-on-one with the Amazing Race's Mikey Zeroe in a match where if Zeroe were to use any illegal objects, not only would be be disqualified, but he'd be suspended from MCPW as well. Saint pulled out a pair of brass knuckles he was going to use as the referees back was turned, but was unable. Zeroe grabbed the knuckles, and was set to use them on Saint before the crowd talked him out of it, as Saint rolled up him for a near fall, Zeroe was able to kick out and hit the jobber clobber on Saint for the victory.

MCPW Heavyweight Champion Russ Jones made his way to the ring to defend his championship against the returning "Old Timer" Jeff King. King showed great offense, but it wasn't enough to put away the beast Russ Jones. Jones hit an F5 to score a win via pinfall on King. After the match, Russ hit another F5 on the Old Timer before Mikey Zeroe hit the ring and attacked Russ.

Next, the MCPW Tag Team Champions, The Antagonists, Jimmy "The Hype" Shalwin, and Frankie the Face defended their championships against Team You Only YOLO Once, the 2015 Chainsaw Cup Champion, the "J-Man" Jack Verville, and "Roof Raisin'" Adam Sniper with "Head of Staff" Adam Craft. Throughout the course of the match, Adam Sniper was being bullied around by Verville, and Craft, and the MCPW fans began to get behind Sniper. Before the final bell, Sniper was able to hit his finishing manuver, only for Jack to tag himself in and steal the pin, to win the MCPW Tag Team Championship for himself and Adam Sniper.

The Main Event was MCPW's first ever Last Man Standing match as former Tag Team Champions, and best friends Jake Omen and Scotty Young did battle for the final time. It looked as if Omen had the win in his hands throught the entire match, until Scotty Young was able to powerbomb Omen off the ropes through two chairs, and deliever not one, but two curb stomps onto a chair to knock Omen out for the 10 count, to finally rid himself of Jake Omen, and their storied rivalry.