MCPW made its debut in Mancelona at The Roadhouse Restaurant & Saloon for one of the wildest, most unpredictable shows in company history. The ramifications of this one are sure to felt for a long time to come.

The show kicked off with the return of “YOLO'ing with The J-Man,” with host Jack Verville, along with Head of Staff Adam Craft. Verville's guests for the evening were the new MCPW Tag Team Champions JD Mason and Christopher Saint, the Gospel of Dixie. The J-Man showed the champs zero respect, and stated that he was the one that made the tag team titles prestigious when he held them with Mr. Nifty. Verville vowed that he would make the titles prestigious again, and said he had a partner, calling out Adam... Sniper. The champs agreed to put the titles on the line in an impromptu match.

MATCH #1: The Gospel of Dixie defeated You Only YOLO Once (Jack Verville & Adam Sniper w/ Head of Staff Adam Craft) to retain the titles. Verville and Sniper showed off some impressive teamwork in their first time as a unit, but the champs were just a little more polished, and were able to put Sniper away after hitting their finishing maneuver.

MATCH #2: Scotty Young and Mr. Nifty wrestled to a no-contest. Young and Nifty agreed that they were both better off without their former partners, and set out to have a respectful wrestling match. They were doing exactly that, with both men looking impressive. Unfortunately their bout was cut short when Young's former partner Jake Omen came out and delivered a vicious superkick to Young. Before the referee could call for the disqualification, Omen also hit Nifty with a superkick, resulting in the no-contest.

MATCH #3: Frankie The Face defeated Jun Hado. Frankie was scheduled to face his hated rival Caden Ames, but Ames was unable to make it to the show for reasons unknown to MCPW officials. Hado, a last minute replacement, put up a great fight but in the end was put down by the MCPW veteran.

MATCH #4: Jake Omen defeated Ryan Epic by disqualification. Omen continued to show his vicious streak, absolutely dominating Epic throughout the match. Finally Scotty Young had seen enough and charged out to attack his former partner and gain some measure of revenge. Omen was able to cut Young off with a kick to the groin, and he then broke a pool cue over Young's back and choked him with it. Officials and security came out to pull Omen off of Young. Before leaving, Omen issued a challenge to Young for October 12 when MCPW makes its Traverse City debut.

MATCH #5: MCPW Undisputed Champion Russ Jones defeated RHINO to retain the title. These two behemoths put on a titanic struggle, as both men were wrestling with something to prove. RHINO was able to hit Jones with the Gore but the Champion kicked out. Moments later Jones caught RHINO with the Black Hole Slam to get the definitive pin. After the match RHINO offered a handshake and Jones reluctantly accepted. RHINO then hit a belly-to-belly suplex and the Gore to the delight of the crowd. Officials tried to assist Jones to the back but he refused help.

MATCH #6: Mikey Zeroe defeated Wes McFadden in a Bar Room Brawl. Zeroe and McFadden tore into each other in this bloodbath, certainly one of the most brutal bouts in MCPW history. McFadden busted Zeroe open early in the match, but Zeroe did not let that deter him from dishing out a brutal beating to the local favorite. The brawl traveled all over the venue, and security struggled to keep the crowd safe throughout the mayhem. After over 15 minutes of brutality, Zeroe delivered a Death Valley Driver off the apron and through a table to get the pin. As McFadden was being helped to the back Zeroe spit in his face. Zeroe then cut a promo promising that the Revolution had arrived, and everyone in the audience were his puppets.