Now that Battle Ground 5 is in the books, it is safe to say that it will assuredly go down in the history books as one of, if not the greatest shows in MCPW history. Battle Ground 5 brought the wrestlers of MCPW back to the hallowed grounds of the Kaliseum, where the biggest moments in MCPW history have taken place.

The show kicked off with the Bengal Industries Eye of the Tiger Elimination Scramble, featuring five of MCPW's top talents: Adam Sniper, Cody Manning, Jamie Eternal, Jun Hado, and Russ Jones. Manning, Sniper, and Hado did their best to try and separate the monsters Eternal and Jones, but despite their best efforts Eternal scored the first elimination when he bested Sniper. The next two eliminations came simultaneously when Eternal and Jones hit Hado and Manning with their finishers, and both scored pins with one foot on the chest. The two behemoths then went toe to toe, but it was Jones coming out as the winner after a Black Hole Slam. Jones thus earned a future shot at the MCPW Undisputed Championship.

Next up was Sean Tyler facing the debuting Tripp Cassidy. Both men went all-out to impress the crowd and did just that. After an exciting back-and-forth contest, Tyler was able to get the win. Both men also impressed MCPW officials and will be brought back in the future.

Former Tag Team Championship partners Mr. Nifty and Jack Verville squared off in the evening's third contest. Verville, wrestling on his birthday, was accompanied by Head of Staff Adam Craft. The birthday boy obnoxiously tried to get Kalkaska to sing Happy Birthday to him, but Nifty found something the crowd enjoyed more – giving Verville his birthday spankings! Verville and Nifty went at it for over 10 minutes, showing off how well they knew each other's moves. In the end, after some dubious tactics by Verville and Craft that went unnoticed by the referee, Verville was able to hit the rope-assisted Pedigree to get the win.

The MCPW Undisputed Championship was on the line, as Caden Ames put the belt up for grabs against Jimmy “The Hype” Shalwin being led to the ring by "Snazzy" Ricky Sexton (which is believed to be yet another alter personality of the deranged Frankie the Face) in a rematch from December's Christmas Carnage. Both men put everything they had into this match, but in the end Ames avoided a Hypesault and scored a sunset flip to put Shalwin away. Ever the sore loser, Shalwin proved what a jerk he is by attacking Ames after the match and hitting a Chokeslam.

Then in a huge shocker, Russ Jones stormed out of the locker room with a referee. Jones challenged Ames to put the title on the line! MCPW Officials sanctioned the contest and Ames accepted. Ames was game for a fight, but Jones simply overpowered him and hit a huge Black Hole Slam to score the pin and become the NEW MCPW Undisputed Champion!

In the first match back from intermission, the much-anticipated Street Fight between Mikey Zeroe and Mr. Dombrowski took place. Zeroe brought the tormented former ring announcer Brooke Kolasa with him, and verbally abused her. Mr. Dombrowski brought some backup in the form of MMA standout Wes “The Bad Boy” McFadden! Zeroe dominated a majority of the contest, and even injured his father's ankle. When Zeroe demanded that Brooke hit Mr. Dombrowski with a kendo stick and she refused, Zeroe became incensed and got in her face. Brooke finally fought back and slapped Zeroe right across the face! McFadden then cracked Zeroe in the jaw with a right hand, and Mr. Dombrowski added a kendo stick shot to put his son away to earn one of the biggest pops in Kaliseum history.

After the match, an incensed Zeroe challenged McFadden to another match. McFadden agreed, as long as the match would be a Bar Room Brawl! MCPW Officials acted quickly and have already signed this match for AfterMath: At The Roadhouse on August 10!

The MCPW Tag Team Titles were at stake next, as rivals Main Street Youth and the number one contenders the Gospel of Dixie. Jake Omen and Scotty Young had been taken to the limit by Christopher Saint and J.D. Mason before, and this one proved to be another hard fought battle. This time around the G.O.D. earned the victory and became the NEW MCPW Tag Team Champions! Congratulations are in order for two of the hardest workers in MCPW.

After the match, a frustrated Jake Omen turned on Scotty Young once again, dissolving MSY for the second time and likely for good. What the future holds for these former partners turned bitter rivals no one knows.

Finally it was time for the main event of the evening. Frankie the Face came out with Jimmy “The Hype” Shalwin in his corner to face former WWE Superstar Goldust. Shalwin didn't last long, as his interference was caught by the referee and he was sent to the back. Frankie dominated Goldust for a majority of the match, working over his leg. As Goldust made the comeback, Frankie shoved him into the referee, knocking him out cold. With the referee out, Shalwin returned and tried to help Frankie, but was immediately run off by Caden Ames! Goldust was able to hit the Shattered Dreams, and then dragged the referee over to make the three-count!

MCPW would like to thank all the fans for coming out and making Battle Ground 5 a huge success and one of the best shows in company history. The next offering will be AfterMath: At the Roadhouse, on August 10 at The Roadhouse Saloon in Mancelona! Mikey Zeroe will battle Wes McFadden in a Bar Room Brawl, and RHINO will be making his return! Stay tuned to MCPW Online for all the details!