Battle Ground VI is in the books! It was an epic event in front of a raucous crowd that settled some feuds while others escalated as we start the march toward AfterMath: Joker's Wild on June 14!

MATCH #1: Jack Verville def. Max Morrison
The YOLO man himself Jack Verville had issued an open challenge heading into this event, and came out supremely confident. Th echallenge was answered by none other than Verville's former manager turned nemesis Max Morrison! After a hard fought battle, Verville has able to hit the Rope-hung Piledriver to get the pin.

Last Call with Scott Hall
The moment the entire audience was waiting for came next, as special guest Scott “Razor Ramon” Hall came out for Last Call. Hall attempted to inroduce MCPW Heavyweight Champion Russ Jones, but he was interrupted by “Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs, who declared himself the most important wrestler on the show and the biggest star. Jones took offense and came out to tell Jacobs he would destroy him in the main event. Hall saw things getting out of control, and offered his services to be the Special Enforcer in the main event! Things got even crazier when Mikey Zeroe made his way out and told them all that none of them were in control, and that all the strings were being pulled by the Higher Power. Jones and Jacobs stared each other down to try psyching each other out for the main event.

MATCH #2: Frankie The Face & “The Hype” Jimmy Shalwin def. Mr. Nifty & Sean Tyler and Christopher Saint & Cody Manning in a three-team elimination match
The MCPW Tag Team Titles ha been vacant since February 23, and we finally crowned new Champions at Battle Ground VI. Eight men were entered into a random draw, with six chosen to compete in a three-team elimination match. The first team chosen was former MCPW Tag Team Champion Mr. Nifty and Sean Tyler. Luck was on the side of friends Frankie The Face and Jimmy Shalwin, both former MCPW No Limits Champions, as they were the second team chosen. The third and final team was Christopher Saint, who was a reigning Tag Team Champion that was forced to vacate the titles when J.D. Mason was injured, and Cody Manning. Saint and Manning had some miscommunication as a team, and Saint simply walked out on his partner, leading to Tyler hitting the Kryptonite Krunch on Manning for the first elimination. After a tremendous back and forth tag team encounter, Face and Shalwin were able to put Nifty and Tyler away to capture the MCPW Tag Team Titles.

MATCH #3: Scotty Young and Jake Omen wrestled to a double-countout
Former Tag Team Championship partners in the Main Street Youth have turned bitter rivals, and the war raged on in the Kaliseum. Young and former MCPW Champion Omen tore into each other with reckless abandon, both trying to tear the other apart. In the end the battle spilled to the floor and referee Jerry Durham was unable to corral them back to the ring, resulting in a a double-countout.

Wes McFadden Farewell Speech
MCPW Matchmaker and Senior Official Jake Ziegler kicked off the second half of the show with a blockbuster announcement: Jake Omen and Scotty Young would do battle again at AfterMath: Joker's Wild, in a Falls Count Anywhere match! Ziegler then introduced “The Bad Boy” Wes McFadden, who said that due to injures suffered at least year's AfterMath: At The Roadhouse, as well as the impending birth of his child, that he was retiring from in-ring competion. This brough Mikey Zeroe back out, who taunted McFadden, noting that he was the one who injured McFadden, and that his son would grow up with a loser for a father. An enraged McFadden challenged Zeroe to one last match – inside a steel cage! Zeroe initially said no, but then changed his mind and asked Ziegler to make the match with the stipulation that if Zeroe won, he would receive a shot at the MCPW Heavyweight Championship! McFadden wanted the bout so badly that Ziegler reluctantly agreed to sign the match for AfterMath: Joker's Wild! It's McFadden-Zeroe III inside a steel cage in Elmira on June 14!

MATCH #4: Cody Manning def. Christopher Saint in an impromptu match
Before the main event could get underway, Cody Manning came out with a referee in tow, demanding that Christopher Saint come out and face him in a one-on-one match. Saint agreed to the contest, but it backfired on him as Manning was able to score a rollup for the pin in less than two minutes. An angry Saint assured MCPW officials that this issue was far from over.

MATCH #5: MCPW Heavyweight Champion Russ Jones def. Jimmy Jacobs
It's been five years since Jimmy Jacobs lost the MCPW Championship to Tyler Black at Battle Ground III, and he finally received his rematch last night. With Scott Hall watching on from ringside, Jacobs and Jones engaged in a wild brawl that went all over the building. Jacobs looked poised to regain the title he lost in 2009, but Jones would not be denied. A frustrated Jacobs grabbed the MCPW Title belt, and when the referee tried to stop him Jacobs shoved him down. This brought Hall into the ring, and he prevented Jacobs from using the belt as a weapon. Jones was then able to hit the Black Hole Slam to get the pin.

After the match, Mikey Zeroe came out and tried to steal the belt, but Wes McFadden stopped him and threw him back into the ring. Jones crushed Zeroe with a Black Hole Slam, and then Hall spraypainted the nWo letters on Zeroe's back to close out a wild night of action.