MCPW returned to the Kaliseum last Saturday night for our biggest event to date – Battleground VII! Here’s a full rundown:

In the first-ever MCPW preshow match, newcomer Cory Lyon defeated the returning Jayden Andrews.

The main show kicked off with two men wrestling with something to prove, as Scotty Young battled Christopher Saint. Young really wanted to face his former partner Jake Omen, but with the no-contact clause in effect, he was matched with the “Revolutionary Reverend.” With Young on the verge of a victory, Omen came out and distracted Young, and while no fisticuffs were exchanged, it was enough for Saint to roll Young up and score the pin.

The MCPW Tag Team Titles were on the line next, as The Antagonists of Frankie the Face and “The Hype” Jimmy Shalwin were scheduled to meet Mr. Nifty and Sean Tyler. Travel difficulties kept Tyler from the show, but Nifty was able to find a more than suitable replacement – his former manager in The Uprising Max Morrison! Even though the Champions were surprised at this development, they were able to use their dirty tactics to hang on to the titles and have now surpassed one year as Champions.

Hometown hero Mikey Zeroe came out next for his first public appearance since his stint on CBS’ “The Amazing Race.” Zeroe thanked the fans for coming out and promised to win the MCPW Heavyweight Championship later in the evening. He then called out Champion Russ Jones and challenged him to start the match right there! Jones appeared to agree, but then took a cheap shot, blasting Zeroe with the title belt! The Champ then said the match would take place on his schedule.

In a match with double-debuts, women's wrestling standout Heidi Lovelace defeated Rickey Shane Page in a very impressive showing.

Next up was the return of former WWE Superstar Zach Gowen, and he was joined by his tag Handicapped Heroes team partner Gregory Iron! They battled the brash Team You Only YOLO Once, made up of Jack Verville and Adam Sniper, accompanied by Head of Staff Adam Craft. The J-Man was able to score a pin after some shady tactics, and quickly bailed to celebrate with his Head of Staff. That left Sniper all alone to take a pair of finishing moves from the Heroes.

The first match after intermission was the Bengal Industries Eye of the Tiger Invitational elimination match, with the winner getting any match of their choosing. Newcomers Tripp Cassidy, Ace Perry, Percy Davis, and Dale Patricks were set to do battle, but one more man invited himself into the match – Scotty Young! After a hard-fought battle and a great showing by the original four men in the match. Young was able to survive them all and score the win! Young said he knew exactly what match he wanted for himself.

In the semi-main event slot, former TNA World Champion Chris Sabin made his first MCPW appearance since Battle Ground II in 2008. Sabin took on Jake Omen in one of Omen’s biggest matches to date. Near the conclusion of the matchup, the referee was temporarily knocked out, and Omen went for a plastic bag, the same weapon he used on Scotty Young back at AfterMath: Joker’s Wild. Young didn’t want to see that go down, and he made sure that it didn’t. Sabin was then able to hit the Cradle Shock and score the win.

After the match Young got on the microphone and said with the match he earned, he chooses to face Omen in a LAST MAN STANDING MATCH! MCPW has never had a last man standing match before, and officials were hoping to keep Young and Omen apart for everyone’s safety. However, Young seems to have found a loophole and will not rest until he gets his hands on Omen. We’ll have more news on this match in the coming weeks.

Finally it was time for the main event. Jones and Zeroe tore into each other with reckless abandon, and the Champion was looking like he was cruising to another successful title defense. But Zeroe wouldn’t stay down and kept fighting back, rocking the powerhouse Champion. Jones sensed his title was in danger and once again cracked Zeroe with the belt, drawing a disqualification and retaining his title.

Zeroe was far from satisfied with that, taking the belt from Jones and calling him a coward. He gave Jones a receipt with a belt shot of his own, and then hit referee Jerry Durham with a brainbuster! Zeroe then set Jones up on a table and crushed the Champion with a flying elbow. This issue is far from over.

MCPW returns to the Kaliseum on June 13 with the return of the Chainsaw Cup! Already confirmed for the one-night tournament are Christopher Saint and Jack Verville! Stay tuned to for more information!