November 4, 2017 / East Jordan Civic Center / East Jordan, Michigan

MCPW returned to the Civic Center in East Jordan for the 3rd Chainsaw Cup Tournament and it was indeed a wild night of action. All roads now lead to The Eleventh Year in February, but letís recap what happened at the Chainsaw Cup.

~MATCH #1~
MCPW Heavyweight ChampionJack Verville made his first appearance since winning the MCPW Heavyweight Championship at Battleground 9 and opened the show by telling the crowd that he was done with Adam Sniper, Adam Craft, and onto bigger and better things. This led to his opponent, Alex Beardslee returning in front of the East Jordan crowd to a great ovation. After a nice showing from Beardslee, he ended up falling the Verville. Jack Verville advances to the Chainsaw Cup Finals

~MATCH #2~
Up next Jimmy "The Hype" Shalwin made his way down to the ring, and told the fans that Match-Maker Jake Ziegler stated that "tag team partners" were not allowed at ringside, but he never said anything about interviewers, which led to the MCPW return of Mild Mannered Matt. Matt told Shalwin he wanted to see him win his match by punching Cole Radrick in the butt! Cole made it his mission in the match to not get punched in the butt, however, it happened on multiple occasions. In fact, as Shalwin had Radrick on the top rope going for a big butt punch, Cole turned around causing Shalwin to hit him below the belt, and get disqualified. Cole Radrick advances to the Chainsaw Cup Finals

~MATCH #3~
1/2 of the MCPW Tag Team Champions Christopher Saint made his way to the ring to take on a former MCPW Tag Team Champion Adam Sniper. In a hard-fought contest, Sniper was able to pick up the win after Saint tried to use his championship as a weapon, which backfired on him. Adam Sniper advances to the Chainsaw Cup Finals

~MATCH #4~
Next Frankie the Face went head-to-head with Percy Davis. During Frankie's entrance, a man that looked an awful lot like "Jimmy "The Hype" Shalwin entered alongside him in costume, and called himself Cosplay Carl. Security quickly sent him back to the locker room, before the match could start. Despite the entrance shenanigans, Frankie made quick work of Davis. Adam Sniper advances to the Chainsaw Cup Finals

~MATCH #5~
After his partner suffered a loss earlier in the night, Max Morrison looked to put a "Project Max" win in the history books as he faced off against "The Blue Eyed Devil" Tripp Cassidy. It looked as if Morrison had the match won, when a security member ran out from the back and attacked Morrison while the referee was distracted, causing Tripp Cassidy to pick up the win. Tripp Cassidy advances to the Chainsaw Cup Finals

After the match, the security member revealed himself as Neil Gerard, the former Mr. Nifty. Gerard went on to say Morrison and the fans forgot, and replaced him while he was out with an injury, and Tripp Cassidy has made him see the light.

~MATCH #6~
Up next East Jordan's own Conrad "The Influence" Loucks made his way to ringside as the guest referee for the match-up between Mikey Zeroe and Caden Ames. From the get-go Zeroe tested Conrad as a referee while brawling with Ames on the outside of the ring. In the end, Zeroe tried to use a kendo stick on Ames, which Conrad snatched away, distracting Zeroe. Ames was able to hit a reverse lung-blower on Zeroe and Conrad counted the 1, 2, 3. Caden Ames advances to the Chainsaw Cup Finals

After the match, Zeroe beat down Loucks with a kendo stick. As Zeroe made his way to the locker room, Conrad grabbed the microphone and told Zeroe he is sick of this, and on February 24th, he wanted to end it. Loucks vs. Zeroe in a Last Man Standing Match!

Then, a frustrated Verville took his anger out on Sniper, who finally had enough. Sniper was ready to fight Verville, who left his Head of Staff to take a devastating Jackhammer.

~MATCH #7~
In the the Main Event, Adam Sniper was victorious in a 6 Man Scramble Match to become the Chainsaw Cup Champion. The match saw Frankie the Face get eliminated by Tripp Cassidy, Jack Verville shockingly eliminated early on by Sniper, Caden Ames eliminated by Cole Radrick with an assist from pulling the tights, Tripp Cassidy eliminated by Adam Sniper, which led to Neil Gerard running out to attack security guards, only to be chased off by both Project Max and The Antagonists. To end the night, Adam Sniper scored a big pinfall victory over Cold Radrick to win the 2017 Chainsaw Cup!

After the Main Event, Sniper challenged Jack Verville for The Eleventh Hour on February 24th!

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