December 3rd, 2016 / East Jordan Civic Center / East Jordan, Michigan

Mr. Chainsaw Pro Wrestling debuted in East Jordan on Saturday, December 3rd, and it was a wild night of action with some big developments!

~MATCH #1~
Feeling that Christopher Saint and MCPW Undisputed Champion Mikey Zeroe couldnít be trusted for Saintís match against Cory Lyon, senior official and matchmaker Jake Ziegler added a ringside enforcer for this match Ė So Fly Combat League stalwart and East Jordanís own Conrad Loucks! Just as expected, Zeroe stuck his nose into the match, but Loucks was more than ready for him, delivering several hard kicks that sent the Champ scurrying to the back. Amidst all the scrum, Saint was able to roll Lyon up to score the win.

~MATCH #2~
Two MCPW veterans faced off next, as two-time MCPW Champion and two-time No Limits Champion Caden Ames squared off against the returning Aaron Orion. This was Orionís first appearance in MCPW in four years, and he looked sharp. However, Ames was also on his game and he was able to pick up the win. Both men showed respect to each other after the match.

~MATCH #3~
Former Uprising teammates Jake Omen and Max Morrison squared off next, and it was an evenly fought battle. In the end Omen reversed Morrisonís straightjacket submission hold to a rollup, and added a handful of tights for the pin.

~MATCH #4~
MCPW Tag Team Champion Adam Sniper (w/ Head of Staff Adam Craft) were rolling without Jack Verville for singles competition against the debuting Jumal Kyng. Sniper was eager to show what he could do without Verville, but thanks to some miscalculated interference from the Head of Staff, Kyng was able to score the upset and start his MCPW career on a winning note.

~MATCH #5~
Another first time match up graced the MCPW ring, as former two-time Tag Team Champion Scotty Young squared off with Antagonist and former Tag Team and No Limits Champion Frankie The Face. After a tremendous back and forth encounter, Young was able to pick up the key victory.

~MATCH #6~
The main event of the evening saw Mikey Zeroe put the MCPW Undisputed Title on the line against the longest reigning Champion in MCPW history, Russ Jones in a dog collar match. Both men played fast and loose with the rules, removing the dog collar in the early going and simply using it as a weapon. Despite senior official Jake Ziegler sending Christopher Saint to the locker room before the match even started, Saint re-emerged late in the match and helped Zeroe secure the victory and retain the title.

After the match, Zeroe and Saint continued the beat down on Jones, until Caden Ames and Aaron Orion ran in to make the save. In a shocking turn of events, Orion turned on Ames, and sided with Zeroe and Saint! Cory Lyon came down to even the odds, but he was beaten down as well. Finally, Conrad Loucks returned with a steel chair to run Zeroe, Saint, and Lyon off. As they were exiting, Ames leaped up onto the balcony and took the trio out with an insane dive!

Stay tuned for information about our impending return to East Jordan! We appreciate your support in making our debut a smashing success!