Battleground 8 Results

MCPW returned to the site of its biggest shows, the Kaliseum in Kalkaska, for the eighth installment in the landmark Battleground series.

The show opened with MCPW Tag Team Champions You Only YOLO Once (Jack Verville, Adam Sniper, and Head of Staff Adam Craft) making their way out. Verville announced that he was injured and would not be able to compete in the Christian Able tribute match later in the show, but that Sniper was ready to against Zach Gowen! Sniper was out for revenge after YOLO lost a tag team match to the Handicapped Heroes at last year’s Battleground, but it wasn’t enough to carry him to victory, as Gowen was able to score the win.

Next up was a battle of two fan favorites, with MCPW veteran Scotty Young facing relative newcomer Cory Lyon. After a spirited contest Young was able to get the win. After the match the two men shook hands in a show of respect.

Kalkaska’s own Mikey Zeroe came out to talk about the main event steel cage match, but before he could even begin, he was interrupted by “The Revolutionary Reverend” Christopher Saint. The former MCPW Tag Team Champion offered Zeroe a spot in his “Crusade of Righteousness,” which Zereo quickly and adamantly refused. Zeroe then introduced Saint’s opponent for the evening…

RHINO defeated Christopher Saint with a Gore! Gore! Gore! It was a great showing for Saint in his biggest match in MCPW to date, but he wasn’t able to overcome the brute strength and tenacity of MCPW’s resident Man-Beast.

The fourth match saw “The End of the World” Jake Omen scored a hard-fought victory against the returning “Aerial Assault Artist” Flip Kendrick. This was an even match up and a clash of styles, in which Omen was able to triumph.

In the Christin Able memorial five-way match, the returning Caden Ames defeated Jimmy Shalwin, Frankie The Face, Mr. Nifty, and Max Morrison. It was an emotional match for all involved, but it was Ames who was able to earn a pinfall on Shalwin.

Battleground 8 was headlined by MCPW Champion Russ Jones, having recently crossed the three-year mark as Champion, defending against Mikey Zeroe in an unforgiving steel cage. The two competitors fought outside the ring for nearly 10 minutes, throwing each other into the guardrails and even fighting into the penalty box. When they made it into the cage, Zeroe fought valiantly, but Jones simply dominated, giving Zeroe a nasty gash on his forehead that was pouring blood. As Zeroe tried to muster a comeback, Christopher Saint made his way back out and once again tried to get Zeroe to join him, even offering him a steel chair. Zeroe initially refused, but eventually relented and blasted Jones with the chair! Saint and Zeroe then worked together to put Jones down for the three-count. Zeroe is now a two-time MCPW Champion!

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