May 5, 2017 / The Kaliseum / Kalkaska, Michigan

~MATCH #1~
Jack Verville defeated Adam Sniper to earn a spot in the Gauntlet Match for the MCPW Heavyweight Championship. The former partners had a great back and forth contest to open the show, but Verville was able to secure a victory and a spot in the Gauntlet.

~MATCH #2~
“Suplex Shogun” Jackson Stone, “The Black Diamond” Jack Price & Jamie Hall defeated Percy Davis, Slade Porter & Cole Radrick in a “Lucha Rules” six-man tag team match. This was a spectacular showcase of six of the newest additions to the MCPW roster. All six men put on an extraordinary display of athleticism and had the crowd jumping out of their seats. We’ll see more of all six men in MCPW for sure.

~MATCH #3~
The Death Threat Army (Aaron Orion & Christopher Saint) defeated MCPW Tag Team Champions The Handicapped Heroes (Zach Gowen & Gregory Iron) to win the titles. Gowen and Iron fought their hearts out, but the brutality of the Death Threat Army was too much to overcome. Orion won his first title in MCPW and this is the second tag team title reign for Saint.

~MATCH #4~
The gauntlet match featured stars of MCPW’s past, present, and future. In round one, “The Mad Dragon” Hakim Zane defeated “The Blue-Eyed Devil” Tripp Cassidy. Zane got by Jumal Kyng as well, but as then attacked by the new Tag Team Champions, Aaron Orion and Christopher Saint, allowing MCPW Champion Mikey Zeroe to pin and eliminate Zane. Caden Ames was next, and he surprised Zeroe with a rollup to ensure that a new Champion would be crowned! After the bell, Zeroe destroyed Ames and left him lying. Conrad Loucks made the save which led to a brawl between he and Zeroe which saw security separate both me and escort Zeroe out of the building. Through the beat down and brawl, Ames was easy prey for Jack Verville, who pinned Ames to become the Champion. Verville is the only man in MCPW history to win the World and Tag Team Titles, as well as the Chainsaw Cup.

After the match, Verville told Head of Staff Adam Craft that he didn’t need him or anyone, and their association was over. Verville even broke Craft’s custom YOLO sunglasses! Craft left in tears as Verville celebrated his victory.

~MATCH #5~
Project Max (Max Morrison & Alex Beardslee) defeated The Antagonists (Frankie the Face & Jimmy Shalwin). The tag team scene is heating up in MCPW and these two teams are at the forefront. Despite having the disadvantage of having way less time as a team than the Antagonists, Morrison and Beardslee showed tremendous teamwork and pulled out the victory.

After the match, Frankie and Shalwin appeared on the verge of splitting up, much like other former MCPW Tag Team Champions have done in the past. Shalwin subdued Frankie by producing a wig and glasses! Frankie put them on, and Mild Mannered Matt was back! What does this mean for The Antagonists going forward?

~MATCH #6~
Cody Rhodes defeated Jake Omen. In one of the biggest main events in MCPW history, “The American Nightmare” took on an MCPW original in a hotly contested bout. Omen tried to bail early on, but Rhodes was having none of it, slamming Omen on the hood of a car and literally driving him back into the arena. From there the two engaged in a classic battle, and Rhodes eked on a win when he hit his signature Cross-Rhodes.

MCPW would like to thank everyone for coming out to the show and being an amazing crowd. Our next event takes place at the Kalkaska County Fairgrounds on Friday, July 28. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and our official website for all the updates and information.