The Eleventh Year – Civic Center – East Jordan, MI – Saturday, 2/24/18

Happy Birthday MCPW
An unorthodox beginning to the show saw “Head of Staff” Adam Craft throwing a birthday party for his 10-year-old son Johnathan. Invitees included MCPW fan favorite Mild Mannered Matt and newcomer Cosplay Curt. MCPW Champion Jack Verville was not amused, and came out threatening to end the party and pop the balloons. Adam Sniper came out to run the Champion off ahead of their title match later on.

MCPW Tag Team Champions The Death Threat Army (Aaron Orion & Christopher Saint) defeated Jack Price & Jumal Kyng to retain the titles. Saint and Orion had issued an open challenge, which Price and Kyng were more than happy to accept. This was the first time teaming for the challengers, and they managed to put together a pretty good showing. But some late miscommunication allowed the Champions to eke out a victory in their first title defense. After the match, Price offered Kyng a handshake, which was declined. In an uncharacteristic move, Saint and Orion returned to the ring to show respect to Price.

In a match between MCPW veterans, AMES was able to score a victory over Neil Gerard. The new-attitude Gerard tried using a steel chair to his advantage, but Max Morrison emerged from the locker room to thwart his efforts. AMES then hit the Swanton Bomb for the pin.

MCPW Champion Jack Verville pinned Adam Sniper to retain the title in his first defense. The former partners fought back and forth, both kicking out of each other’s finishers. Sniper almost had the title won, but referee Jake Ziegler noticed Verville’s foot on the ropes and restarted the match. Verville quickly pounced and hit the See-Saw Piledriver, removing Sniper’s foot from the bottom rope out of view of the referee.

The Antagonists (Frankie The Face & Jimmy Shalwin) beat Project Max (Max Morrison & Alexander Beardslee) to earn a shot at the MCPW Tag Team Titles. Face and Shalwin wrestled a clean match for a change, earning the respect of their opponents. Neil Gerard once again tried to interfere, but got hands from all four competitors in the match. In the end, Gerard was able to pull Morrison out of the ring, leaving Beardslee all alone and prey to the pin.

East Jordan’s own Conrad Loucks defeated Mikey Zeroe in a brutal Last Man Standing match. Both men destroyed each other with a kendo stick, and Loucks took the first bump through a table out near the crowd. As both men battled up to the balcony, Loucks was able to send Zeroe crashing through four tables in the ring below, which was more than enough to keep Zeroe down for the 10-count.

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