Battleground X – Grand Traverse County Civic Center – Traverse City, MI – Friday, July 20, 2018

MCPW finally debuted in Traverse City with arguably the greatest card in company history. Championships were defended, debuts were made, and scores were settled. Let’s take a look at the results.

Battleground X Special Guest
Kevin Nash started the show with an in-ring promo, thanking the fans for coming out. A native of Michigan, Nash reminisced about childhood experiences in Traverse City before hyping up the fans for a big night of action.

MCPW Tag Team Champions The Antagonists (Frankie The Face & Jimmy Shalwin) defeated The Death Threat Army (Jack Price & Alex Weir) to retain the titles in their first defense. Weir was making his MCPW debut here, but having teamed with Price all over the Midwest, these two were well equipped challengers. The Antagonists were able to survive the onslaught and retain the belts.

In the annual Battleground Scramble match, Christopher Saint defeated Adam Sniper, Stills, Jordan James, Mysterious Movado, and No Good Neil Gerard. Stills and Jordan James were both impressive in their MCPW debuts, and held their own with MCPW veterans Saint, Sniper, and Gerard, and Movado brought all the otherworldly energy he could muster. All six men pulled out all the stops, but in the end Saint was able to pull off a big win when he pinned James. This could open more doors for Saint as he embarks on a singles career.

Jimmy Jacobs defeated AMES in a battle of “The Zombie Princess” versus “The Manliest Princess,” along with mentor/student vibes from years ago. AMES tried to play mind games early on, and had a good amount of success, keeping Jacobs on the ropes. In the end, Jacobs proved that the student had not yet bested the master – planting a kiss on AMES’s lips before hitting a Spear to get the pin.

Ashton Wagandha defeated Sage Phillips. This match featured two MCPW debuts… sort of. Alexander Beardslee made his way to the ring, and mentioned that his partner Max Morrison had advised him to “do his own thing.” He also had some interesting visions at the Burning Man festival, and the result is that he has shed the Beardslee name to become “The Virtuous Vegan” Ashton Wagandha, a solider on a mission to spread his way of life to the masses. Phillips impressed everyone in attendance with a gutsy performance, but Wagandha forced him to tap out for the win.

Jumal Kyng defeated Flip Kendrick in an adrenaline pumping contest. Kendrick was flying all over the ring, while Kyng stuck more to a ground-based attack. Both men gave let everything they had, and had the crowd invested in a series of near-falls and close-calls down the stretch. Kyng connected on Kendrick with The Dethroner to pick up the biggest win of his MCPW career.

MCPW President Announcement
A few weeks ago, Senior Official and Matchmaker Jake Ziegler announced that MCPW would be adding a President to assist with matchmaking and other day-to-day duties for the company. That President is none other than Mikey Zeroe! The new President wasted no time in announcing the main event for MCPW’s next show – October 6 in East Jordan. Zeroe announced that the winner of Battleground’s cage match main event will face Conrad Loucks in the first-ever Bloodsport Match! The ropes will be removed from the ring and the only way to win will be knockout or tap out. Fans, you’ve never seen anything like this match.

“Suplex Shogun” Jackson Stone defeated PCO in a brutal, hard-hitting, show-stealing contest. Both men brutalized each other with everything in their arsenals, and neither was willing to give an inch. Shogun withstood all the punishment that the former three-time WWF Tag Team Champion could dish out and scored the biggest win of his career after hitting a vicious Pounce. Big things are in store for Jackson Stone.

In the biggest main event in MCPW history, MCPW Heavyweight Champion Jack Verville defeated Jake Omen in a steel cage match to retain the title. This was Verville’s third defense of the title. Both of these standout wrestlers have been with MCPW all the way back to BattleGround II, so this match has been years in the making. Early on, Verville was almost able to escape the cage, but Presidenet Zeroe came out and decided the match could only be won by pinfall or submission! With escape no longer an option, both men battled each other with ferocity. Ever the opportunist, Verville still tried to leave the cage, and Special Guest Enforcer Conrad Loucks had to get involved and herd the Champ back to the cage. Moments later, Verville kicked the cage door into Loucks’s face, knocking him out of action. After an exhaustive battle, Verville locked Omen in a triangle choke, while tied up in the ropes. Omen was unable to continue and the referee stopped the match.

Thank you to everyone who came to the show, making our Traverse City debut a huge success. Our return to East Jordan now looms on the horizon – Jack Verville will defend his MCPW Championship against Conrad Loucks in a Bloodsport Match on October 6th at BrandShake 2! Stay tuned to our Facebook page and MCPW Online.