MCPW Cross My Heart Results
Civic Center – East Jordan, MI – Saturday, December 8, 2018

“Six Foot Swole Big Match” Cole Radrick won the prestigious 13-man inaugural Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Memorial Invitational Rumble Royale, last eliminating Christopher Saint. Radrick was awarded a hot dog and a handshake for this tremendous achievement.

In the opening contest, “Six Foot Swole Big Match” Cole Radrick defeated “The Old Timer” Jeff King. While there was some initial discussion about which of the two was bigger, there was no question about the result, which saw Big Match Cole coming up big in his return to MCPW, scoring a big win against the veteran King.

MCPW Chainsaw Cup Winner “The Revolutionary Reverend” Christopher Saint defeated “Roof Raisin’” Adam Sniper. Both competitors here have won the Chainsaw Cup and the MCPW Tag Team Titles, so it was an evenly contested bout. Late in the match, Sniper’s rival AMES made his way out and climbed a ladder, distracting Sniper long enough for Saint to hit the Snow Plow for the win.

Four newcomers had a chance to show off what they can do, as the team of IFHY (Shawn Kemp & Johnathan Wolf) took on Brayden Lee & Bradley Prescott IV. All four men put on a great display of action that brought the crowd to their feet. Kemp and Wolf got the win tonight, but all four men will certainly be back in MCPW in the future.

MATCH #4 Jumal Kyng scored a huge victory over AMES, thanks in part to a distraction from Adam Sniper. Kyng and AMES had an energetic and athletic back and forth encounter, both men showing they belong at the top of the card. After the match, Kyng got on the microphone and stated he wasn’t there to be involved in someone else’s feud. He wants his own competition, and demanded as such for Battleground in May.

The Antagonists (Frankie The Face & “The Hype” Jimmy Shalwin) defended their MCPW Tag Team Titles against the new combination of “The Virtuous Vegan” Ashton Wagandha & No Good Neil. Both teams fought hard, but in the end new Champions were crowned, leaving the fans disappointed for long-time favorites the Antagonists. After the match, Face and Shalwin shared a hug to show there were no hard feelings about the loss.

In one of the most hotly anticipated main events in MCPW history, MCPW Champion Jack Verville took on Max Morrison, the man this show was named after, with Conrad Loucks in his corner. Verville and Morrison go way back to the early days of MCPW and The Uprising, and this familiarity showed throughout the match. When Verville tried to use a steel chair, Loucks stepped in and prevented the assault. This didn’t sit well with the new MCPW Tag Team Champions, who came out to put a beating on East Jordan’s own. In the scrum, Verville trapped Morrison in his submission finisher to get the win and retain his title. Verville has now successfully defended his title five times, the most of any MCPW Champion.

After the match, MCPW President Mikey Zeroe announced that Verville would defend his title against a yet to be named opponent at Battleground XI in May. He also announced that Ashton Wagandha and No Good Neil would put their tag team titles on the line against Max Morrison & Conrad Loucks! More Battleground announcements to come in the future, stay tuned to MCPW Online or check us out on Facebook and Twitter!