Battleground 11 – Grand Traverse County Civic Center – Traverse City, MI – Friday, May 17, 2019

-The Mysterious Movado defeated Adam Wick, the latest member of the Death Threat Army to debut in MCPW.

-“Suplex Shogun” Jackson Stone beat Eli Shelton, Jason Page, Dickie Watts, Nolan Edwards, and Dre Jacobs in a six-man Scrizzamble Match.

-Ohio Versus Everything (Madman Fulton & Dave Crist) defeated The Death Threat Army (Aaron Orion & Jack Price).

-Chainsaw Cup holder Christopher Saint beat Adam Sniper and AMES in a three-way TLC Match to retain the Cup.

-Max Morrison & Conrad Loucks beat MCPW Tag Team Champions Ashton Wagandha & No Good Neil by disqualification. After the match, the Champions tied Loucks in the ropes and Neil delivered a belt-assisted stomp to Morrison’s head.

-Mikey Zeroe came out to thank the fans for making MCPW’s second annual trip to Traverse City a big success. An enraged Conrad Loucks made his way from backstage to implore Zeroe to do something about what the Tag Team Champions did to Max Morrison. Zeroe tried to get Loucks to discuss it backstage, but things got heated and Zeroe took a cheap shot on Loucks! Things got worse for Loucks when Zeroe procured a staple gun and attached a flyer to Loucks’ forehead. Zeroe announced that he will return to the ring to face Loucks on June 15 when MCPW returns to East Jordan for “Old Wounds.”

-Jumal Kyng pinned MCPW Champion Jack Verville to become the eleventh Champion. Kyng has already signed for his first title defense – against Christopher Saint at “Old Wounds” on June 15!

-Scott Steiner defeated Joey Ryan. After the match, Ryan made sure to send the crowd home happy by delivering the venerated Dick Flip to referee Gary Neeley, Eli Shelton, Jason Page, Dre Jacobs, Dickie Watts, Nolan Edwards, AMES, and Mikey Zeroe.