BrandShake 2: Bloodsport Results
Civic Center – East Jordan – Saturday, October 6, 2018

2017 Chainsaw Cup Winner “Roof Raisin’” Adam Sniper received a bye to the finals by virtue of winning last year’s tournament.

Match #1
Max Morrison defeated “The Virtuous Vegan” Ashton Wagandha to advance to the Chainsaw Cup Finals. The two former partners had a mostly even match, but Wagadha misinterpreted a referee’s signal and thought he had won the match. Morrison capitalized and defeated Wagandha with the straight jacket choke.

Match #2
Christopher Saint defeated No Good Neil to qualify for the Chainsaw Cup Finals. Both men received jeers from the crowd, but it was Saint that was able to channel that into an impressive victory on his way to the Finals. After the match, Ashton Wagandha came out and told Neil that they needed to talk. Neil looked irritated and walked to the back.

Match #3
Jumal Kyng defeated MCPW Tag Team Champion Frankie The Face, w/ Jimmy Shalwin in his corner. This was a hard-fought contest, with both men landing some severe looking strikes and slams. In the end, Kyng was able to score another impressive victory and take the fourth spot in the finals.

Match #4
AMES defeated MCPW Tag Team Champion “The Hype” Jimmy Shalwin to earn the last spot in the Chainsaw Cup Finals. Shalwin showed off his unique and entertaining brand of offense, but AMES persevered and put away his long-time rival.

After the match, The Antagonists comforted each other with their Tag Team Title belts, and issued an open challenge for MCPW’s return to East Jordan on December 8!

Match #5
Christopher Saint beat Adam Sniper, AMES, Jumal Kyng, and Max Morrison to win the 2018 Chainsaw Cup Tournament. Morrison was the first one eliminated, when No Good Neil and Ashton Wagandha came to ringside with protest signs with various phrases like “Meat Eaters Are Cheaters” and “Max Is No Mentor.” That distracted Morrison long enough to get rolled up and pinned by Saint. Kyng and AMES were next to go, leaving Saint and Sniper to battle it out. Sniper defeated Saint in a qualifying match last year, so Saint was eager to get his revenge. After a spirited back and forth contest, Saint put Sniper away cleanly, winning the 2018 Chainsaw Cup.

After the match, Sniper offered a handshake and presented the trophy to Saint, saying he was the better man this night. Saint scoffed at him and shoved him down, proclaiming his superiority.

Match #6
MCPW Champion Jack Verville defeated “The Influence” Conrad Loucks in a brutal “Bloodsport Match” to retain the title. The ropes came down and countouts and disqualifications were waived for this hotly anticipated title match. MCPW President Mikey Zeroe acted as special referee, but even the former 2-time MCPW Champion couldn’t contain this fight. Both men brutalized each other with strikes and submission holds, and Loucks even drove Verville from the ring through a table on the floor! Verville fought back, and used the MCPW Championship belt to knock Loucks out and retain.

After the match, Verville tried to continue his assault on his opponent, but Max Morrison ran from the back with a chair to send the Champ packing. Morrison said Verville was a disgrace, and challenged him to an MCPW Title match on December 8! Verville said no, but President Zeroe declared that the match WILL happen – and Loucks will be in Morrison’s corner!