MCPW "Old Wounds" - June 15, 2019 - Civic Center - East Jordan, MI.

-In the opening contest, the returning Jake Omen defeated newcomer Adam Wick securing his spot in the Chainsaw Cup Finals.

-Up next, 1/2 of the MCPW Tag Team Champions, "The Virtuous Vegan" Ashton Wagandha scored a victory over The Mysterious MOVADO after "accidentally" pulling off Movado's mask to advance to the Chainsaw Cup finals.

-Coming off a win in the Scrizzamble at Battleground 11, the "Suplex SHOGUN" Jackson Stone scored a victory over MCPW veteran Jimmy "The Hype" Shalwin. After the match, the two fan favorites showed each other respect and Shalwin wished SHOGUN luck in the Chainsaw Cup finals.

-In the final Chainsaw Cup Tournament first round match, former MCPW Champion Jack Verville was able to tap out his former ally No Good Neil to advance to the finals.

-In the MCPW Heavyweight Championship match, the newly crowned champion, Jumal Kyng defeated the 2018 Chainsaw Cup Champion Christopher Saint after a hard-hitting, intense battle to retain his championship.

-The "Suplex SHOGUN" Jackson Stone had an impressive night putting away Ashton Wagandha, Jake Omen, and Jack Verville to become the 2019 Chainsaw Cup Champion. After the match, MCPW Champion Jumal Kyng came out to face off against SHOGUN, who said he will be taking his title shot sooner than later.

-And in the Fans Bring the Weapons Main Event, MCPW President Mikey Zeroe put away Conrad Loucks with a powerbomb through a light tube table in a match that included barbed wire, mouse traps, thumbtacks, skewers, a radio, vaccuum, bottle caps, and even hot sauce! Zeroe took to the mic afterwards to thank the fans for welcoming a death match in MCPW, and telling Loucks that impressed him with his "never-say-die" attitude. Zeroe then told Loucks he could finally get revenge on the MCPW Tag Team Champions Ashton Wagandha and No Good Neil when MCPW returns to East Jordan on October 19th. Loucks said he wants them in a match with no ropes, no DQ, no countout...the first ever TAG TEAM BLOODSPORT match!