MCPW Trout Town Underground Results

Mr. Chainsaw Pro Wrestling closed out 2019 in style, from the historic grounds of the Kalkaska County Civic Center.

Jason Page (w/ Eli Shelton) defeated Mitch Hewitt. Page was making his singles debut, with his injured tag team partner Shelton in his corner. Hewitt made his MCPW debut here and really impressed the crowd. However, it was not enough to get the win, as Page was victorious.

What started out as a singles match between “Warboy” Dre Jacobs and Lil Dickie Watts quickly turned into something else entirely. Jacobs was accompanied to the ring by “Mercy Killer” TJ Meyer, and both men attacked Watts despite the objections of referee Jake Ziegler. “The Hype” Jimmy Shalwin came to the rescue, and Ziegler sanctioned the impromptu tag team match. Both teams showed remarkable teamwork for their first outings together, but in the end Jacobs and Meyer used some dirty tactics, spraying green mist in Shalwin’s eyes, and then putting Watts away for the win.

Christopher Saint pinned Mikey Zeroe. Before the match, Saint bemoaned his lack of opportunities in MCPW, blaming Zeroe and matchmaker Jake Ziegler. Zeroe came out to retort and challenged Saint to a match with unique stipulations – regular rules inside the ring, and anything goes on the outside. After destroying each other with weapons on the floor, it was a simple wrestling move – a schoolboy rollup – that earned Saint the win.

In the first-ever Vegan Death Match, “Old Timer” Jeff King & SHLAK defeated “Virtuous Vegan” Ashton Wagandha & No Good Neil. The ring was surrounded by produce, and everything was put to good use, even halved empty cans of La Croix. This was a one of a kind spectacle and has to be seen to be believed.

MCPW Tag Team Champion Jack Verville & Conrad Loucks beat Death Threat Army (Adam Wick & Tommy Vendetta to retain the titles. This became a heated contest after some remarks on Facebook alluding to Wick and Vendetta being the “B-Team” of the DTA led to promos from DTA member Aaron Orion, as well as Verville’s own father! The DTA duo proved they were anything but the B-Team with an impressive performance, but it wasn’t enough to unseat the Champions.

MCPW Heavyweight Champion Jumal Kyng defeated “The Manliest Princess” AMES in a Ladder Match to retain the title. AMES had participated in a ladder match in MCPW in this very building and felt confident that this experience would help him dethrone “The Chainsaw Kyng.” It was a brutal back and forth encounter with some horrific falls taken by both men. Late I the match, AMES tried using a chain to hold Kyng in place but Kyng escaped and trapped AMES in the chain, allowing the Champ to climb up and retrieve his title.

After the match, Jeff King emerged from the locker room to challenge Kyng to a Championship match on February 8 in East Jordan at XIII: 13th Anniversary Show. Stay tuned for more information on this huge event!