MCPW XIII: 13th Anniversary Event Results
February 8, 2020 - East Jordan Civic Center - East Jordan, MI.

-No Good Neil made quick work of Max Morrison after a distraction from 'The Virtuous Vegan' Ashton Wagandha in the opening contest.

-Lil Dickie Watts was able to score his first win in MCPW, defeating Ashton Wagandha. After the match, No Good Neil came back out to the ring to berate Wagandha, slapping him in the face. Wagandha fired back with a slap of his own, sending Neil out of the ring.

-"The Hype" Jimmy Shalwin was on the winning end, beating Dan the Dad with his signature sit-out chokeslam.

-Allie Kat returned to MCPW in a singles match against the debuting Atticus Cogar. The crowd was fully behind Allie, but it wasn't enough to get the win against the "Silver Teeth Satan".

-In his 31st defense of the Independent Wrestling Championship, WARHORSE was able to rule ass against Tommy Vendetta.

-MCPW Tag Team Champions, Jack Verville & Conrad Loucks retained their titles against the team of TJ Meyer, and Jack Griffin, who was filling in for the absent Dre Jacobs. After the match, Meyer and Griffin attacked Verville and Loucks leading to Max Morrison running them off with a chair. In a shocking turn of events, Morrison turned on his long-time friend Conrad and layed him out with the chair.

-Christopher Saint made his way to the ring for his contract signing with Mikey Zeroe, stating he wasn't going to sign until Zeroe did. Zeroe entered and told Saint he wants to see how much he loves this company and it's fans on March 14th. After some choice words, Saint attacked Zeroe breaking a clipboard over his head, and bloodying him up with a barbed wire kendo stick. Saint signed the contract in Zeroe's blood.

-In the No Holds Barred Main Event for the MCPW Championship, Jumal Kyng regained his championship in a hard fought battle with the "Old Timer" Jeff King. After the match, Atticus Cogar ran out and attacked Kyng.

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